Why choose tri.x?

Our expertise, professional judgement and quality assurance processes make us unique. The table below explains what sets us apart and explains why you should choose tri.x.

Key Benefit



Established and trusted market leaders



With over 15 years of experience, tri.x is the clear market leader supporting 97% of children’s local authorities.

Robust archiving



A complete copy of every version of your procedures is archived and can be easily accessed whenever you may need it (for example, in the event of investigations and Serious Case Reviews).

A team approach



Working together, our multidisciplinary team of Lead Consultants, Editors, Formatters and Legal Associates will develop and manage your procedures.

Direct practice experience



Our Lead Consultants are experienced social care practitioners, having worked in social care (as managers and practitioners), safeguarding, legal services, youth work as well as education. Since joining tri.x several Lead Consultants have maintained their professional registration and continue to undertake independent work on behalf of SAB’s and LSCP’s.

Dedicated Lead Consultants



A named Lead Consultant will be dedicated to your procedures for the duration of the contract term. They will support your development, manage updates and are available for telephone and email support or advice as needed.

Proactive monitoring of the landscape



Our Content Review and Development board (CRD) meets regularly to review changes to legislation, case law and best practice and consider the best way to integrate them into the procedures, so you don't have to.

Full content review and update service



Opportunities for planned updates to procedures are provided twice yearly. This ensures that your procedures are always reflective of current statutory requirements and best practice.

Alert service



Individual users are informed via email whenever a change is made to any part of the procedures.

Information Circular



A great way to stay informed - individual users can subscribe to our free information circular, which provides concise, accessible and topical information regarding all aspects of social care practice, from summaries of court judgements, practice guidance and information about emerging models of best practice. 

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