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Your team can access everything they need from a single portal

The tri.x Portal gives you a central hub for efficient resource management and team collaboration

The tri.x Portal is a cutting-edge platform designed to streamline the management of your organisation’s resources and enhance team collaboration. Our Portal is an indispensable tool for your organisation, empowering users with its robust features and user-centric functionalities.

Key Features of the tri.x Portal

1. Local Resource Area: The tri.x Portal includes a dedicated local resource area that serves as a central repository for your organisation’s policies, procedures, and multimedia resources. This feature allows for quick and easy storage, management, and updating of resources, ensuring that all content is accessible and current.

2. Customisable Access Permissions: Tailor the portal access to meet the specific needs of your team with four distinct permission levels:

  • Basic Level: Available to all users, enabling them to complete assigned reading tasks.
  • Team Leader: Empowers leaders to manage team member access and task allocations.
  • Resource Manager: Provides control over the local resource area, allowing for the addition, deletion, and updating of resources.
  • Report Viewer: Offers insights into user engagement through access to analytics and data extraction related to reading tasks.

3. Advanced Security: Each user’s access is safeguarded with two-factor authentication, ensuring that only authorised personnel can access the portal. Users are required to verify their email and create a unique password, enhancing the security and integrity of your organisational data.

4. Comprehensive User Management: System administrators are granted comprehensive controls to manage user permissions, add or remove users, and ensure that access levels are appropriately assigned according to role requirements.

5. Allocation of Reading Tasks: building on the permission sets specific reading tasks can be assigned to individual or multiple users as required. You can also see who has completed the tasks to help to ensure that all of your team has completed all of the required reading.

Benefits of Using the tri.x Portal

Streamlined Resource Management: Quickly update and manage your resources with ease, ensuring that all team members have access to the latest information without the risk of outdated or broken links.

Enhanced Team Functionality: Allocate reading tasks to individuals or teams directly through the portal, facilitating targeted educational activities and ensuring that all members are up-to-date with the latest policies and procedures.

Robust Data Tracking and Reporting: Monitor and report on the completion of tasks and user engagement, providing valuable insights that can be used to enhance productivity and compliance across your organisation.

Continuous Learning and Development: Use the portal’s reading task functionality to support continuous professional development (CPD), allowing users to track their learning activities and managers to oversee team skill enhancements.

Immediate Access to Tasks and Updates: Users receive notifications of assigned tasks and updates directly on their homepage, promoting efficiency and ensuring that important content is reviewed in a timely manner.

Getting Started

Upon initial setup, you will designate system administrators who will handle the full functionality of the Portal, including managing access for other users. This setup ensures a tailored approach to resource and user management, reflecting the unique structure and needs of your organisation.

Training and Support

To maximise the benefits of the tri.x Portal, we provide comprehensive training sessions and detailed guidance materials. These resources are designed to help you and your team effectively navigate and utilise the portal, ensuring that you get the most out of its many features.

Join the many organisations that have transformed their procedures resource management and team collaboration with the tri.x Portal. Experience a streamlined, secure, and user-focused platform that supports your organisational goals and enhances your team’s productivity.

Our Services

Children’s Social Care

Children’s Social Care

Online Policies and Procedures that help to support practitioners with clear guidance to meet their statutory obligations.

Adult Social Care

Adult Social Care

Procedures, practice guidance and digital tools – Join us in setting a new standard in care and support – where technology meets practicality.

Fostering Agency Services

Fostering Agency Services

Online procedures specifically for the Independent Fostering sector to give your organisation the regulatory framework required to keep staff, foster carers and children safe.

Children’s Residential Homes

Children’s Residential Homes

Procedures, policies and guidance – achieve excellence in care through outstanding procedural support.

Local Safeguarding Boards

Local Safeguarding Boards

We work with Local Safeguarding Boards across the country, our procedures cover safeguarding best practice for both children and adults.

Services for Supported Accomodation

Services for Supported Accomodation

A thorough and needs-based guide including detailed procedures and guidelines to ensure regulatory compliance and quality care.

Foster Carer Handbook

Foster Carer Handbook

A comprehensive guide designed to empower foster carers and fostering services throughout the UK.

Regional Adoption Agencies

Regional Adoption Agencies

Our comprehensive suite of procedures serves as the core building blocks for your Regional Adoption Agency online procedures and every step of the adoption journey.

Why Choose tri.x?

Our expertise, professional judgement and quality assurance processes make us unique. Find out what sets us apart and why you should choose tri.x.

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The new format is much easier to navigate and engage with, and it has really motivated me to ensure it is as accurate as possible. I really enjoy using it, and I know that my SCP Business Manager feels the same way.

Madeline Jones, Learning & Development Officer St. Helens Borough Council

The Adult Care Providers Handbook is an incredibly valuable resource that can be accessed by managers or care workers to provide instant or deep information on any subject in health and social care. It has been incredible to be working with tri.x and with people who are as passionate as us. To meet a team and organisation who are likeminded, at the same level as us in terms of quality, and who also want projects to thrive has been so inspiring.

Colin Hanley, Training Co-Ordinator Age UK Hereford & Worcestershire

We had excellent feedback from Ofsted, who said our documents and policy section was outstanding and thank you to the tri.x team for all your work on this.

Derby City Supported Accommodation

tri.x’s approach as a company is to be responsive to the customers who use the manuals and ensure it ultimately meets their needs. Foster carers have found the manual to be hugely beneficial and find it to be a useful resource tool to support vulnerable children in their care.

Derby City, Local Authority Children’s Services

It has been an absolute pleasure working in partnership with tri.x to develop our Gateshead Safeguarding Adults Board Multi-Agency Policy and Procedures. The tri.x team demonstrated a wealth of knowledge and experience in Adult Safeguarding and was able to provide us with an impressive foundation that was statutorily compliant and highlighted national guidance and best practices. We were then able to shape our policy and procedures to ensure they truly represented our local values, structures, and operational practices.

Carole Paz-Uceira, Safeguarding Adults Business Manager Gateshead Council

tri.x has been extremely supportive and flexible in terms of meeting our needs and providing a service that is fit for purpose. Our main point of contact has been extremely friendly and helpful, going above and beyond to achieve a solution for our business. We are extremely happy with what has been achieved. All those who have used tri.x within the organisation have found it to be beneficial and extremely easy to use and access.”

Leanne Owen, Chief Operating Officer Midway Care Group

Everything is in one place. Everything is updated. tri.x has a myriad of resources which provides live updates which save us so much time.

Barking & Dagenham Adult Services

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