Safeguarding Adults Board Multi-Agency Policy and Procedures

A new solution for single authority’s and consortiums

Safeguarding Adults Board Multi-Agency Policy and Procedures

tri.x brings its years of experience to this comprehensive suite of online procedures and practice guidance for Safeguarding Adults Boards.

With safeguarding principles and Making Safeguarding Personal at their centre, the procedures will support multi-agency practitioners to make effective, consistent and defensible decisions under the Care Act and other key legislation.

Key features

Core multi-agency safeguarding procedures, reflective of legislation and best practice. Disclosure & Raising a Concern, Process Maps and Case Studies, Overarching Aims, Duties & Principles, The Skilled Conversation: Outcomes, Responding to a Concern, Safeguarding Discussions & Meetings, Making Enquiries, The Safeguarding Plan, Closing a Safeguarding Case.
A suite of safeguarding practice guidance to support practitioners in a range of safeguarding situations. Informal Carers, Allegations against Service Providers, Allegations against Adults with Care and Support Needs, Repeated Allegations, Allegations against People in POT, Herbert Protocol, MARAC, Honour Based Violence and Forced Marriage, FGM, MAPPA, Self-Neglect and Hoarding, Mate Crime and Home Invasion, Scams, County Lines, Modern Slavery, Prevent and Channel, Homelessness, Prisons and Approved Premises.
Learning and improvement procedures. Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SAR), Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHR).
Supplementary procedures to support practice. Joint Work, Legal Services, Lone Working, Ordinary Residence, Protecting Moveable Property & Belongings, Risk Assessment, Service Interruptions & Provider Failure, Recognising & Responding to Deprivations of Liberty, Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, Liberty Protection Safeguards.
Contacts & Practice Resources A dedicated area pre-populated with core national resources and contacts where customers can add all local resources and information including documents, links to the intranet or web resource, videos etc.
The Care Act 2014 A direct link to our online resource, presenting the requirements of the Care Act 2014 in an accessible way for practitioners.
The Mental Capacity Act 2005 Resource and Practice Toolkit A direct link to our trusted and recommended online resource, supporting practitioners to understand the Act and implement the principles effectively into practice.
tri.x Resources A direct link to our comprehensive adult social care glossary, and also our online Resource Hub.

Some frequently asked questions

There are a range of competitive pricing options, depending on whether you are a single authority, part of a small consortium or part of a larger consortium. Please contact us for a quotation based on your requirements.

Yes. There are discounts available for customers already using any of the following procedures:

• Procedures, Practice Guidance and Tools for Adult Social Care
• Online Procedures for Children’s Social Care
• Online Procedures for Local Safeguarding Children’s Partnerships

Each member of the consortium will need to sign a contract and contribute equally to the cost of developing and maintaining the site.

All of the procedures would be shared and the consortium would need to be in agreement about any amends.

Each member of the consortium would have a Local Contacts and Practice Resources area, to upload local documents relevant to their locality.

For further information or to arrange a demonstration please contact us.

In short, yes. There are a number of options for achieving this, so please contact us to discuss further.

All of the procedures detailed above are provided and maintained by tri.x with minimal localisation required during the development process.

Our Content Review and Development Board meet regularly to review changes to legislation, case law and best practice and consider the best way to integrate them into the procedures.

Scheduled updates to procedures are provided twice yearly as part of your contract.

Unscheduled updates are available if we have capacity and integral to the effectiveness of the procedures.

You will have a named lead consultant throughout your contractual period. They will manage the scheduled update process but can be contacted by phone or email as necessary to provide advice and support. They are also available for an on-site visit once per annum. This can be used for a relaunch of your procedures if requested.


Yes. We archive all procedures and can easily retrieve them whenever you may need it. For example, to support a SAR.

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