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Briefing-Childhood in the time of Covid-A Report from the Children's Commissioner (September 2020)

Briefing 248 -  Skipping School: Invisible Children - How Children Disappear from England’s Schools (Children’s Commissioner February 2018)

Briefing 247 - Placing and visiting childrens with special educational needs and disabilities or health conditions in long-term residential settings

Briefing 246 - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) & Biometrics

Briefing 245: Realising the Potential of Early Intervention

Briefing 244: A Child’s View of Brexit

Briefing 242: Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman - Focus Reports

Briefing 239: Transgender Awareness in Child and Family Social Work – A Summary of Department for Education Funded Research

Briefing 238: Fostering Better Outcomes

Briefing 235: Care Crisis Review - Options for Change

Briefing 234: Carers Action Plan 2018 - 2020 Supporting Carers Today

Briefing 233: Stability and Looked After Children

Briefing 232: Analysis of Outcomes for Children and Young People 4 to 5 Years after a Final Care Order

Briefing 230: The Role of the Social Worker in Adoption - Ethics and Human Rights: An Enquiry

Briefing 227: Use of Social Media Sites by Children’s Social Care Staff

Briefing 225: Universal Credit: Implications for Families with a Disabled Member

Briefing 224: Safeguarding Children and Young People on Remand

Briefing 223: Improving Mental Health Support for Our Children and Young People – Report from the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)

Briefing 222: Moving Drugs and Cash Along County Lines - What we know about the Exploitation of Children and Young People by Criminal Gangs and Networks

Briefing 220: The Fostering System in England: Evidence Review

Briefing 215: Three Cross Cutting Thematic Reports on Findings from the First Wave of the Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme

Briefing 210: Rogue Landlords

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