Mental Capacity and Deprivation of Liberty

tri.x provides a range of resources in this complex area of practice.


Mental Capacity Act 2005 Resource and Practice Toolkit

Our comprehensive Mental Capacity Act 2005 Resource and Practice Toolkit is a completely FREE online resource that supports health and social care practitioners to understand the statutory principles Act and practice confidently when supporting people to make decisions, assessing mental capacity and determining Best Interests. Providing guidance to over 3,000 professionals every month, it is part of the Mental Capacity Act Directory and has been recommended by the National Mental Capacity Act Forum.

Included in this LIVE* resource are a range of bespoke tools developed with practitioners to support the most complex decision making.

Use the link below to access ‘the most comprehensive FREE resource available’.

*A LIVE resource is updated quickly in response to any changes to legislation
or in response to new case law or emerging best practice. This means it does not go out of date over time.


  • Workshop for Health and Social Care Professionals
  • Workshop for Care Home Managers

Cost of Workshop

  • £350 (+ VAT) for up to 20 delegates

Training: Deprivation of Liberty-Preparing for the Future

Under the Liberty Protection Safeguards framework the role and responsibilities of health professionals, social care professionals and care home managers is changing.

Our half day workshops will provide an opportunity to understand what the changes will mean for you and how to prepare for them:

  • Review the current mechanisms for authorising a deprivation of liberty, and your role in this;
  • Understand what the key differences are between current mechanisms and the Liberty Protection Safeguards, and what the changes will mean for you;
  • Develop/enhance your skills to recognise a deprivation of liberty;
  • Develop/enhance your ability to determine whether a deprivation is in a person’s best interests;
  • Consider what some of your personal challenges may be and how to overcome them.

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Training: Giving Written and Oral Evidence to the Court of Protection

As the Mental Capacity Act 2005 continues to embed itself into everyday practice more and more social care professionals find themselves being called to provide oral evidence in the Court of Protection.

Using a range of practical, interactive tools and experiences this specialist training will develop knowledge, skills and confidence, preparing delegates for the court experience:

  • Understand the different types of evidence
  • Know how to prepare good written evidence
  • Know what to expect from the court experience and learn how to manage anxiety
  • Know how to give good oral evidence
  • Know what to expect after the hearing

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  • Each organisation will receive x 3 hard copies of our guide ‘Giving Written and Oral Evidence to the Court of Protection’, as published on Community Care Inform for Adults.
  • Cost of Training
    £800 (+VAT) for up to 12 delegates

We also provide a range of other adult social work and adult social care training to support effective implementation of procedures into practice. To find out more download our Training Portfolio for Adult Social Work and Adult Social Care.

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