Local Safeguarding Children's Partnership

We work with LSCP's across the country, helping them produce accessible, up-to-date procedures which are adapted to local needs. Whether you are a unitary authority, a large County or part of a consortium, we will help you produce procedures which are well researched, concise, and regularly updated.

Online Procedures for Local Safeguarding Children Partnership

We recognise that at the core of LSCP procedures there needs to be authoritative advice on safeguarding children for all agencies.  The reliability of our procedures is road tested countless times every day by our LSCP customers, we work in partnership to ensure that our procedures reflect statutory guidance, best practice and the lessons learned from case reviews, audits, and inspections. 

We also recognise that procedures can become too long and complex to be practical.  Therefore, we work with our customers to hone our procedures to provide sufficient guidance to safeguard children without unnecessary detail. 

We are always mindful that the audience for LSCP procedures is wide-ranging and varied, in order to make "safeguarding everyone's business" it is important that the procedures are clear and accessible with technical terms and acronyms kept to a minimum.  

It is important that safeguarding procedures are kept under review to ensure that they reflect current guidance and legislation; tri.x will always provide an online version of the latest edition of Working Together as an integral part of all LSCP and Children Services procedures.  We also regularly review our best practice guides and incorporate lessons from national research and Serious Case Reviews.  

We use our relationships with LSCP's across the country to promote and share good practice.  This is particularly important as the range of issues including in safeguarding expands in response to newly identified risks and lessons from practice.

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To view some example LSCP procedures, click on one of the options below: 

Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board

An example of online procedures for a single LSCP of a unitary authority.

Interagency Safeguarding Children Procedures of The Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Children Board and the Nottingham City Safeguarding Children Board

An example of two neighbouring authorities collaborating to produce single procedures to deal with cross border issues, but still retaining some individual content relevant to either the city or the county.

South-West Child Protection Procedures

A consortium Manual covering twelve LSCP's in the South-West. These procedures provide consistency, flexibility, and economies of scale. Each participant LSCP retains its own identity and has scope to include procedures that reflect local organisational arrangements and services.

The Mental Capacity Act at your fingertips...


The Mental Capacity Act 2005 Resource and Practice Toolkit

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This FREE online resource is part of the Mental Capacity Act Directory and has been recommended by the national Mental Capacity Act Forum. It supports health and social care practitioners to understand the statutory principles of the Act and practice confidently when supporting people to make decisions, assessing mental capacity and determining best interests.

Included in this live resource are a range of bespoke tools developed with practitioners to support the most complex decision making.

Use the link below to access 'the most comprehensive FREE resource available'.

Access the Mental Capacity Act 2005 Resource and Practice Toolkit here

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