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Rashida Baig, Principal Social Worker for West Berkshire Children's Services answers questions about her experience of tri.x online procedures.


How important it is for you to be involved in the project

As the PSW it has been vital to be involved with tri-x in reviewing our policies and procedures because these provide safe pathways to manage cases.  The more involvement practitioners have the better their understanding. A good policy and procedure library which is frequently used, provides solid foundations for best practice.

How have you found your involvement with the development of the procedures?

Being involved makes me feel valued and I like having some control over the way things are done. Being involved in drawing up our local procedures has made me feel that practice wisdom is being valued in our organisation and my input is important. That has been incredibly empowering.

What do you think the benefits of the procedures for your own practice will be?

I hope the procedures will support me but not prevent me from taking a personalised approach. I see the procedures as the organisation providing me with a safety net within which to practice.  The procedures do not dictate the quality of my professional interaction and relationship building with children and families but enhance how I work with them to build resilience and capacity for change.

How will the procedures make a difference to service users and carers?

A good set of procedures provide the users of our service a set of standards which they can hold us to account on; clarity of expectations in terms of the service we deliver and a consistency of approach which is the sign of a service that wants to do the best for the communities they serve.