Staff and foster carers working within fostering agencies require clear and concise procedures which reflect statutory guidance and general good practice in order to effectively do their jobs.

These web enabled procedures are available 24/7 with the online version being the only reference. The procedure manual is kept up to date in response to changes in regulation and central government guidance principles. It uses straightforward language and is easily navigable to ensure ready access to information without overload.

A facility exists within the manual for customers to upload local policies, and guidance via a content management system affording greater flexibility to include specific local information.

As the supplier of online procedures to the majority of local authorities across the country, independent fostering agencies are assured that in engaging with us for the procurement of a procedures manual they will receive a trusted and reliable; well informed and innovative service offering an affordable solution.

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For further information about the development, ongoing maintenance and the costs of a manual for your organisation either telephone 024 7667 8053 and ask to speak to Ellen West or email