The majority of local authorities have engaged us to update/maintain their ‘Children's Services’ procedures; some commission limited manuals e.g. for their adoption and fostering services, most engage us to look after the full range of their services.

They choose us because we are reliable, well informed, innovative, flexible and – most of all – we are cost effective and deliver on time.

We offer more than an updating and/or maintenance service; we publish policy briefings to raise awareness of forthcoming changes and keep customers briefed about the implications, and we provide customers with recommended changes or new draft chapters for consideration in advance, so manuals can be updated. Our customers have come to rely on our ability to provide them with helpful, relevant and timely information to keep the up-to-date with changes.

We are always open to assisting colleagues with 'one off' solutions e.g. those requiring one or two procedures to fill a gap in their existing manual but our expertise lies in working in partnership with our customers, helping them bring their procedures to life through our renowned web format and then working with them into the future.

Costs are higher in the first year, to reflect the work undertaken to develop your content according to your specific requirements and the project planning that goes into a successful development and launch of a new manual; then costs reduce, making the ongoing updating of your manual very cost effective and efficient.

Once we understand your exact requirements, we will provide you with costs. This will vary for each customer and will be determined by your chosen starting point.

Once we have provided a price for the initial development of your procedures manual we will be able to give you options and prices for 'maintenance' in subsequent years.

To find out more about our approach to children’s social care procedures and how we can help you contact us on 024 7667 8053.