Tri.x has been producing information, procedures and web-enabled solutions for over 12 years, and has grown from a 'cottage industry' to an established and reliable provider. We do this through our unique blend of legal, practice and technical expertise and by continuously learning from our wide range of customers across the social care sectors.

We are fully committed to getting the content of policies and procedures right, but we also recognise the importance using a medium which will ensure that our procedures are easy to access and navigate. As such, we have developed a web-enabled solution for procedures which presents users with ready access to the information in an easy to use, 'digestible' format.

We also provide a number of free 'web-enabled' resources to help both customers and non-customers access relevant information in this way. Click here to find out more...

We regularly provide free Policy Briefs which we send to customers and make available on our website. We do this to help keep colleagues informed about government policy, changes in legislation and to enhance good practice. We have had extremely positive feedback about this service and have a growing number of people subscribing to be alerted when we publish new material.

We have created a team of specialist 'in-house' consultants, from across the broad range of children and adults services, who monitor emerging good practice, government policy and legislative changes and work at the interface with our customers to help them keep their manuals up to date.

Our consultants are supported by a team who deal with the technical production, maintenance and hosting of our products and a team who deal with contracting, finance and general administration.

To find out more about the products and services we can help with contact us on 024 7667 8053.