Lead Consultant

Job Title

Lead Consultant: Social Care Procedures

Job Types

Full-time, Permanent


Home working and flexible working arrangements.


Job Description

tri.x is part of the Antser group of companies, a connected group of new and heritage brands delivering end-to-end services to the children's and adult social care sector, in partnership with local authorities and independent providers. We also support the wider team working with children in, or on the edge of, care in the areas of health, education and the courts.

A trusted partner, our expertise spans 30 years and our services are used by 100% of local authorities in England. Combining best practice with innovation and new and emerging technologies, we are leading the way in 'doing things better'.

Main Purpose of Job

To write and maintain policies and procedures for children’s social care services in collaboration with customers and the involvement of the content review and development board.

To establish and maintain effective working relationships with new and existing customers whilst ensuring that contracts are delivered professionally according to specified requirements. To work with customers to develop new procedure manuals and update and maintain existing manuals content and associated documentation.

To contribute fully to the content review and development board where training, articles, procedures and policy briefs are created. tri.x is part of a larger group of companies therefore there is a requirement to support effective networking and creating positive working relationships in order to expand customer portfolio and deliver best practice for children and young people.

Duties, Responsibilities & Job Activities

  • Work under the direction of the Team Leader in the development of new, and the updating, of procedures manuals content.
  • Remain informed of changes to legislation, regulations, standards and good practice as they apply to children’s social care and safeguarding.
  • Meet with the Team Leader as appropriate to review and plan workload.
  • Inform the Team Leader of any issues related to workload e.g. where timescales may be compromised.
  • Prepare manuals and updates for hand-over to the Formatting Team in accordance with the company’s requirements.
  • To have skills that support the writing and editing of procedures.
  • To have an interest in contributing to the development of training material.
  • To support the development of articles and policy briefs to support the development of the Resource Hub.
  • Liaise with the Production Team to schedule the delivery of contracts.
  • Collaborate with the Formatting Team, as necessary, in relation to any queries relating to the writing and updating of manuals.
  • Ensure that work undertaken takes account of changes in legislation, regulations, government guidance and standards of good practice.
  • Assist the company in keeping up to date with changes in legislation, regulations, government guidance and standards of good practice by contributing to the Corrections Log.
  • Manage customer relationships, attending meetings with customers as required, presenting a professional and informed position.
  • To be willing to travel where required to support customer meetings.
  • Undertake necessary administration in relation to managing contracts, such as email communication, arranging meetings with customers, planning delivery dates and monitoring plans.
  • Work to tight deadlines and be able to respond to changing priorities.
  • Represent the company in a professional and competent manner at all times demonstrating an understanding and commitment to good practice in social care.
  • Assist the Team Leader in managing the content development and review board and its activities.

How to apply:

This is a permanent post and is based on a 35 hour working week. The post allows for home working and flexible working arrangements.

To apply please send CV’s to Melissa Toole at  Melissa.toole@trixonline.co.uk. Please also contact Melissa for any further information required about the role.

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