May Briefings

Keeping Children Safe Online
The second part of this series of briefing papers focuses on online gaming. The rise of online gaming and the advances in modern technology have allowed for an online gaming community to be formed. Perpetrators are increasingly targeting children and young people via online gaming sites, pretending to be someone who they are not. This can often lead to bullying, grooming and sexual exploitation. This briefing paper explores the different gaming sites which children and young people use and some of the risks associated with it.

Male Honour Abuse
Often when we think about honour based violence, we associate it with females within the community. However recent reports suggest that 1 in 5 men are now the victims of male honour abuse. Social stigma and the fear of not being believed, coupled with shame and embarrassment, have led to male victims being forced into silence. This briefing paper explores some of the issues affecting boys and young men who are victims of honour abuse.

Children and Social Work Act 2017
The Children and Social Work Act received Royal Assent on the 27th April 2017.

Over 200 local authorities, safeguarding boards, independent providers and national agencies have commissioned tri.x to develop their procedures manual and then keep it up to date.

A number of authorities are commissioning us to work flexibly to maintain their social care and safeguarding procedures.

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  The vast majority of local authorities, LSCBs and a wide range of independent and national agencies trust us to keep their procedures up to date.

We work with customers to develop clear and accessible procedures with an emphasis on project management and ensuring a mechanism to keep them up to date.

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