July Policy Briefs

Financial Stability, Cost Charge and Value for Money in the Children's Residential Care Market Research Report (written for the DfE by the Institute of Public Care)
The report was commissioned by the DfE to improve understanding of the children’s residential care market and to consider whether the development of an operational cost model would be useful. The report provides a great deal of statistical information, including financial, as well as views from a wide range of stakeholders on the current state of this market.

Joint Targeted Area Inspections
In March the Government reaffirmed its commitment to carry out targeted joint multi-agency reviews in its report on Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation. As promised in Integrated Inspections – Consultation Outcomes, Learning from Pilot Inspections and Next Steps the inspectorates are consulting again with the sector before the planned start of inspections in October 2015.

Changes to Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003 Arising from the Serious Crime Act 2015
On the 3rd May 2015, a number of the amendments to Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003 contained in the Serious Crime Act 2015 came into force.

Care and Support for Deafblind Children in the United Kingdom
In December 2014 the Mental Health – Disability Unit of the Department of Health issued Care and Support for Deafblind Children and Adults Policy Guidance. The Guidance, which replaces Social Care for Deafblind Children and Adults 2009, came into effect in April 2015.

Over 200 local authorities, safeguarding boards, independent providers and national agencies have commissioned Tri.x to develop their procedures manual and then keep it up to date.

A number of authorities are commissioning us to work flexibly to maintain their social care and safeguarding procedures.

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  The vast majority of local authorities, LSCBs and a wide range of independent and national agencies trust us to keep their procedures up to date.

We work with customers to develop clear and accessible procedures with an emphasis on project management and ensuring a mechanism to keep them up to date.

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