December Policy Briefs

Child Sexual Exploitation
In preparation for a more detailed briefing in the New Year on working with Child Sexual Exploitation we have produced a short overview of some of the more recent reports on this topic. There have been quite a number of high profile reports on Child Sexual Exploitation highlighted by the media, looking at the experience of children that have been sexually exploited across the country. These reports make distressing reading and can feel quite overwhelming at times.

National Social Work Template Are You Social Workers Ready to Use the New Social Work Template
This briefing will give an outline of the new national social work template which is to be implemented on a national basis for all local authorities within the next 6 months.

Over 200 local authorities, safeguarding boards, independent providers and national agencies have commissioned Tri.x to develop their procedures manual and then keep it up to date.

An increasing number of public and independent agencies in the adult sector are commissioning us to update and maintain their social care and safeguarding procedures.

This includes single agency and regional/consortium manuals.

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  The vast majority of local authorities, LSCBs and a wide range of independent and national agencies trust us to keep their policies and procedures up to date.

We are working with a number of customer to develop regional procedures manuals and have been commissioned to update and maintain the London Child Protection Procedures.

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