March Policy Briefs

Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015
The Government has published the outcome of their consultation on the three proposed changes to Working Together to Safeguard Children 2013.

Missed Opportunities: Indicators of Neglect What is Ignored, Why, and What Can be Done? - Research Report
This research report sets out to help practitioners understand what research and practice tells them about the risk factors for neglect that are associated with actual or future harm to very young children. It is an important document which will be helpful to anyone working within the safeguarding arena.

Integrated Inspections
OFSTED have announced the planned starting date for integrated inspections. What they describe as short sharp targeted multiagency inspection will begin in the autumn and there will be six inspections before March 2016. The inspection programme will then continue running from April 2016.

Over 200 local authorities, safeguarding boards, independent providers and national agencies have commissioned Tri.x to develop their procedures manual and then keep it up to date.

An increasing number of public and independent agencies in the adult sector are commissioning us to update and maintain their social care and safeguarding procedures.

This includes single agency and regional/consortium manuals.

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  The vast majority of local authorities, LSCBs and a wide range of independent and national agencies trust us to keep their policies and procedures up to date.

We are working with a number of customer to develop regional procedures manuals and have been commissioned to update and maintain the London Child Protection Procedures.

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