Adult Services

Our Adult Care and Support procedures embed personalisation and support Local Authority practitioners to make effective and consistent decisions in line with the Care Act and other key legislation.

Online Procedures for Adult Services

Designed specifically to meet the needs of Adult Care and Support practitioners working in local authorities, our adult services procedures: 

  • Are accessible, user friendly and well structured
  • Are relevant and helpful to a range of direct practice situations
  • Make sense of complex legislation and statutory requirements in a practical way
  • Reflect the needs of practitioners across the full range of Adult Care and Support services
  • Provide practical support through a range of tools and practice guidance-tried and tested by practitioners and adults with Care and Support needs
  • Promote a personalised approach to practice
  • Make best use of available technology, including robust archiving, flexible content management and mobile access
  • Provide access to a range of trusted tri.x resources, including a comprehensive glossary and regular briefing papers

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Additional resources are included as part of the Adult Procedures, including the Mental Capacity Act 2005 Resource and Practice Toolkit, a range of tools to support best practice, and monthly briefing papers. Use the links below to access further information and examples.

Mental Capacity Act 2005 Resource and Practice Toolkit Briefing paper example
tri.x practice tool example


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Giving you peace of mind

Our procedures have helped us to ensure the safety of staff and those we work with. We are the market leader and the only provider offering a complete content creation, updating, hosting and archiving procedures service within the social care sector.

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"A good set of procedures provide the users of our service a set of standards which they can hold us to account on"

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Frequently Asked Questions...

There are 3 and 5 year contracts available.

Our procedures are competitively priced, but the cost can vary based on your specific requirements, so please talk to us about this.

If a 5 year contract is agreed there is the option to divide the total cost into 5 equal payments across the term of the contract.

We offer a 5% discount to existing children’s services customers when agreeing a 3 year contract, and a 6% discount for a 5 year contract. Discounts are applied to the final payment of the contract term.

It typically takes around 4 months from the date of the initial development meeting to the development of a draft site, with a further 4 weeks for testing and review before going LIVE.

A comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) electronically files all of your local documents. Based on your requirements, links are then made from specific procedures to the different areas of the CMS, creating a seamless integration of the 2 platforms.

Our Editorial Board meets regularly to review changes to legislation, case law and best practice and consider the best way to integrate them into the procedures. Opportunities for planned updates to procedures are provided twice yearly.

A complete copy of every version of your procedures is archived and can be easily accessed whenever you may need it.

The Mental Capacity Act at your fingertips...


The Mental Capacity Act 2005 Resource and Practice Toolkit

This new resource and practice toolkit replicates our trusted approach to online procedures. 

Mental capacity act image

  • Is user friendly and well structured
  • Includes a suite of exclusive tools, case examples and practice guidance
  • Is accessible 24/7 from a range of devices (including mobile phones)
  • Is regularly updated to reflect case law, changes in legislation and best practice
  • Does not require a contractual agreement
  • Is available to individuals, teams and organisations
  • Offers a range of affordable and cost effective annual subscription options
  • Secure online card payments
  • Read more about what's included in the resource here

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